Julia Roberts stopped acting for 20 years to spend time with her family and kids, and now she’s talking about how strict she is as a parent.

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You are currently viewing Julia Roberts stopped acting for 20 years to spend time with her family and kids, and now she’s talking about how strict she is as a parent.

Julia Roberts is a mother of three, so she knows that sometimes being a parent is hard work. Even more so now, when you can just turn on the TV and not know what will come on. So, today, the beautiful Julia Roberts is going to talk about how she raises her kids and why she stopped playing for 20 years.

20 happy years of marriage

Roberts met her husband, Danny Moder, when they were both working on the same movie. The couple has been together for 20 years and still loves each other as much as they did when they first started dating. Roberts told Gayle King that every time she thought about her husband of 20 years, she still got butterflies in her stomach.

Roberts told Oprah Winfrey, when they were talking about why she was finally happy with her life, that a big part of it was her marriage. Danny, my husband, has really shown me the way. Because I’m married, I’ve met people and done all these little things that have made my life better. They haven’t changed it much, but they’ve made it better in an amazing way.

Roberts put her work on hold for a while.

For a long time, we didn’t see Roberts in any movies or TV shows. Before she could make a big decision about taking on a new job, the actress said she had to think about both her husband’s work schedule and the schedules of her children. She worked hard to raise her kids and was there for them when their dad wasn’t around.

She talked about being a parent.

Julia Roberts is not the type of mom who lets her kids do whatever they want. She has admitted that she is a strict mom and said that she doesn’t let her three kids use social media and limits how much TV they can watch. She said, “I try to keep them off social media because I don’t know why they need it right now.”

Roberts said, “I feel very proud to be home with my family.” Fox News says that Roberts is a strict mom. She doesn’t really get angry, but she thinks it’s important for kids to know their limits. “If they do something wrong, I don’t really punish them. Instead, I talk to them about it.” “I think that my serious face is enough of a punishment,” she said.

One of the most important things for Roberts and Moder to do as parents is to keep their kids out of the press. Roberts loves spending quiet time with her kids, so she and her Hollywood partner moved out of busy Los Angeles and into San Francisco. A friend of the actress told Closer in June 2020, “She wanted her children, who are growing up so fast, to have the chance to live in a city with a different energy and vibe.” “Her kids are not movie stars because they live in San Francisco, where no one cares who your mom is.”

Roberts talked about her work and her family in an interview with CBS Sunday Morning. She said that acting “is my dream come true, but it’s not my only dream come true.” When asked about her other goals, the Oscar winner pointed to her husband and children and said, “The life I’ve built with my husband That is the best part. The point is to come home victorious at the end of the day.”

Roberts wants a quiet, normal life with her family, and she says she works hard to keep a balance. Her kids do daily chores like making their beds and doing laundry because these are “important life skills.”

How would you advise other parents to raise their children? Share your thoughts in the comments!

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