Knowing that he was caught, the baby elephant tries to hide behind a light post.

It’s true that elephants are now classed as “endangered.” The number of elephants in the world is going down because the number of poachers is going up out of control.

There are only about 2000 wild elephants in Thailand. This story is about one of them.

A baby elephant tried to hide behind a post in Chiang Mai, in the north of Thailand. He was caught.

When some people saw him eating sugarcane in the field of a farmer, they talked to him and told him to stop. This made everyone laugh because the baby elephant tried to hide behind a narrow post.

The video of the baby elephant trying to hide behind a post has gone viral.

Because this cute little guy might have wanted to taste some sugar, he might have ended up in the sugar cane field. He didn’t want to be found out. That might have been the case, though, when he found out that someone had seen him. His post has kept him from moving, even though people have been shining a light on him.

Keep calm. People who work for the police will be able to figure it out. Let’s keep eating sugarcane.

The picture has been shared a lot on social media. More than 1k people have shared it and 3k have liked it.

People on the internet have said what they think about the little elephant.

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