You are currently viewing Labrador Retriever Blaze is pure black. He’s not like the other dogs.

Labrador Retriever Blaze is pure black. He’s not like the other dogs.

There is nothing else in Blaze that isn’t a pure Labrador Retriever. She lives in Finland with her family. He is ten years old, and he likes to go outside and play. He’s almost the same as any other Lab. Almost.

It has been mostly black for Blaze’s whole life. There were white patches all over his body until about a year ago.

It turns out that the dog has vitiligo. Blaze’s owner, Santeri, says that doesn’t stop him from having a good time in everyday things. He’s still healthy and wants to go somewhere.

In the past, Santeri shared a picture of Blaze sitting next to the dinner table in a popular Facebook group called Dogspotting Society, and it went viral right away. Over 32K people have commented on the picture, and people can’t get enough of Blaze’s beautiful look. People who know Blaze’s human Santeri said that Blaze had a small spot on his ear that turned white. “The white color spread from there,” Santeri said. “It’s interesting that his brothers and sisters are still the same color.” His favorite dog has white patches that are only for show.

Blaze is a healthy person who is always moving. If you need him, he’ll be there for you. He even likes to go on car trips. In the beginning, Blaze lived with the same family. He has been with them ever since. When he was younger, people called him “The Old Man” and “The Funny Old Man.” He’s now 10. “He likes to make people happy and make them smile.”

Even though Blaze is everyone’s friend, he also likes to go to empty places. Blaze likes to walk in the woods and swim in the lake. “He likes to play in the snow in the winter.” He always wants to go for a walk outside. Then he loves to wait for snacks by the table. Santeri said: “You can’t help but fall in love with those brown eyes.”

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