Let us travel to a fantastic world with these animals who have come from a magical world.

For decades and millennia, we humans have been in awe of any fabled monster, particularly dragons. Nobody gets bored of hearing tales and legends about these magnificent creatures. Despite the fact that we only hear about these creatures in myths and tales, nature has found a way to surprise us with a lizard that looks a lot like the majestic and mythological monsters we name dragons.

Lizards in the genus Draco, which are also known as “flying dragons,” are found mostly on trees in Southeast Asian tropical forests. They belong to the family, Agamidae.

These insects grow up to 8-10 inches in length and have membranes on both sides of their trunk. This stem helps these flying dragons move from tree to tree and reach heights of up to 60 meters.

Tree ants are one of their distinctive delicacies. They eat insects, and tree ants are one of them.

Only when they need to reproduce do these creatures descend from the treetops. Males employ their folding membranes to attract their partners throughout the courtship period.

After the courtship, females dig a small hole in the ground, lay 4-5 eggs, then cover the hole with soil and leaves. After 24 hours of protecting the eggs, she gives them up and goes back to the treetops.

These lizards are all different kinds, with varied traits and colors. Each species has its own set of characteristics that distinguish it from others.

These flying dragons appear to have erupted from a magical fairy tale since they are part of nature’s most extreme beauty.

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