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Loving Husky meets a newborn baby and falls in love right away.

It has to be the same special relationship between dogs and babies because it’s almost impossible to find a more heartwarming pair of friends. The first time this cute Husky meets his human brother is so adorable that words can’t describe it. Newborn babies are so cute that the dog can’t stop hugging them. This is the start of a very special relationship.

As a family grows, kids may be jealous. On the other hand, Millie the Husky is excited when her human brother finally comes home. Millie was a big hit on the Internet because she cares about everyone, both humans and dogs. Her family decided to record the moment their Husky met the family’s new addition. Everyone’s heart was broken in seconds when they saw the video.

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The adorable scene starts with the mom holding the newborn baby in her arms. On the other hand, Millie rushes to give him a lot of hugs. There was a big change in her pack. She is excited about it. The friendly dog gently strokes the little boy’s face with her furry paws as if she won’t let him go at all. Millie just fell in love with her little brother. This relationship will last a long time. The parents knew right away!

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The family said Millie is the most caring, sweet, and kind Husky. “She took to my kids is the same way she took to her dogs.” Some people don’t like or agree with it, and that’s fine..

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Take a look at the cute video below!.

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