Man Buys Apartment on Cruise Ship Because it’s Cheaper than Home and He Can Travel the World

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You are currently viewing Man Buys Apartment on Cruise Ship Because it’s Cheaper than Home and He Can Travel the World

In order to save money and see the world, a man buys an apartment on a cruise ship.

To be honest, flats are very pricey, and we pay a lot for very small rooms with no views. California is known for having a more expensive way of life. Looking through a few rental ads is all it takes to see that the normal person can’t afford to live somewhere. But there are other choices… Have you ever thought about living on a cruise ship?

Austin Wells, who lives in San Diego, bought an apartment on a cruise ship. He says it’s less expensive than the flat he had before in California, where he grew up. The best part? He gets to travel every day without having to do anything! Picture having a window in your bedroom that lets you see the whole world.

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The ship is still being built, and it will sail in 2025.

According to Wells, he leased a studio room on the MV Narrative for $300,000 for 12 years. He told CNBC about this. A very large tour ship with some very cool features. The ship has a huge 500 private rooms and flats. Well’s room is 237 square feet. It also has a desk, a bathroom with a shower, a kitchen and a bed that can be folded up.

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People like Wells who live onboard 24 hours a day, seven days a week can use a private gym, a farmer’s market, private kitchens, and room service 24 hours a day. On top of that, they can also get medical care. The ship also has a school, a library, a bank, a movie theatre, a swimming pool, and 20 restaurants and bars. Wow, that sounds really fancy.

From a cruise ship, I work.

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Adding, “This is likely the first time ever that you can have a regular job and even think about working and living from a floating flat complex.” He also wants to meet a lot of new and interesting people on the trip. You could even meet some new people. He has friends with whom he can travel the world.

“Wells’ room on the MV Narrative will cost him about $2,000 a month, while a flat in San Diego costs about $2,500 a month. That’s a $500 savings on rent alone right away.” The Sun says. Alister Punton and Shannon Lee, the owners of the luxury residential ship brand Storyline, came up with this brilliant idea. They wanted to find a way to make apartments at sea more cheap.

Image Credit: Storylines

Once the huge ship is finished being built in Croatia, about 1,000 people will move on to the MV Narrative and make it their home. With 11 types of homes to choose from, there should be something for everyone.

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