Man Recreates 20-Year-Old Photo With Childhood Cat Before Saying Final Goodbye

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Reddit / TrevorisTHEGOAT

Recreates a 20-year-old picture of himself with his childhood cat before saying goodbye for good


This week, Trevor lost his childhood cat Gandalf in a very sad way.


Someone made a copy of a picture from 20 years ago of him and his cat before the cat was sadly put to sleep.

Isn’t there something special about having a pet as a child?

They’ve been with us through good times and bad, whether it’s a cat, a dog, or something else.

Your pet has been to the first day of elementary school, that scary first step into high school, and a lot of special holidays.

Some people are lucky enough to still have the pets they had as kids when they become adults, but all pets die at some point.


Reddit / TrevorisTHEGOAT


He lost his cute cat Gandalf this week. He had had the cat since he was a child.

Trevor chose to make a copy of a picture of himself and his cat from 20 years ago before putting Gandalf to sleep.

“I put my childhood cat to sleep today and tried my best to make a picture from 20 years ago look like it did today.” He wrote on Reddit, “I will always love you Gandalf.”
Tweet about it.
In the picture on the left, Trevor is very young and is holding Gandalf in his arms in his bed.

It would be an insult to say that the cat looks pretty happy with its life.

In the picture on the right, Trevor is holding Gandalf for the last time in the same way.

In the new picture, Trevor is even wearing the same colour of clothes.

A lot of people have left comments on the Reddit post since it went popular in just a few hours.

Reddit / TrevorisTHEGOAT

In spite of the sadness caused by the post, many people did say that Gandalf has lived a long time.

“I love that name so much. “How I feel,” someone wrote.

In response to this message, Trevor joked, “He came with a brother. He was brown, and we named him Mordor lol.” We bought them together from a neighbouring state. I don’t know why my parents thought I needed a breeding ragdoll when I was nine, but that’s what he is.


“Mordor got cancer when he was only three years old and had to be put to sleep. Gannie has lived long enough for both of them now.

Some people also wrote about their own lives. For example, one person wrote, “I found out yesterday that my cat has cancer and I’m crying because of this.”

“I haven’t known what I would have done without her for the past seven years.” I’m so glad I had her.”

“I lost my cat nine days ago, and I’m crying right now,” said someone else. Gandalf and Dabitha, may you rest in blissful paradise.

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