Marty McFly and Dr Brown meet again after many years, and their real-life story shows that true friendship can last through anything.

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You are currently viewing Marty McFly and Dr Brown meet again after many years, and their real-life story shows that true friendship can last through anything.

When the script for Back to the Future was shown to producers, it was turned down 40 times before Universal thought it had potential. Michael J. Fox, 61, and Christopher Lloyd, 83, who played a famous time-travelling couple on and off-screen, worked on the series for the first time in 1985. This year, the pair got back together, and fans were moved to tears by the event. Some friendships are natural and can get through anything. Fox and Lloyd showed us that being there for each other through everything is the best thing we can do for another person.

Michael J. Fox was chosen by chance to play Marty McFly.

Lloyd threw away the Back to the Future story the first time he read it. This is what he usually does with scripts. His friend persuaded him to go to the audition, and when Lloyd took the script out of the trash, “it all came true.”

Lloyd and Eric Stoltz worked on the movie at first as Dr Emmett Brown and Marty McFly. After six weeks of filming, Stoltz was fired, and they had to reshoot all the parts with a new actor. Michael J. Fox joined the Back to the Future world this way, and Lloyd said, “We had a chemistry that lasted the whole time.”

Fox and Lloyd’s friendship showed us that true friends are always there for each other, no matter how much time passes or how hard things get.

Most Hollywood movies take 4 to 12 weeks to shoot, and after the premiere, the actors usually go their ways. The time-travelling couple spent more time together because of the three Back to the Future movies and their many birthdays.

Dr. Brown told us “When you work on a movie, you hope that it will at least get made, open, have a good start, and stay in theatres for a while. Back to the Future has done much more than that. It kept going, and I did no know that would happen.”

Michael J. Fox was identified with Parkinson’s in 1991, when he was 29 years old and at the top of his career. Throughout this time, Lloyd was there for him. Doctors said at the time that he could work for another 10 years. The star didn’t let the prediction end his career. He kept working for almost 30 more years before announcing his retirement in 2020. Fans and friends have given Fox ideas for how to raise money and bring attention to the disease.

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