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Meet Baby, the cutest Corgi with a funny personality.

Have you ever noticed how cute and amazing all of our furry friends are when they’re small? So let’s go meet Baby, a 5-month-old Corgi who is the cutest, naughtiest, and most loving dog ever. We should hurry before she stops being cute like a puppy.

Baby’s owner is a woman named May Theint Nwe. She also has a 2-year-old dog named Cooper, who looks down on Baby’s foolishness. May’s first Pembroke Welsh Corgi was the senior dog. She fell in love with the breed and decided she wanted one of her own.


May set up an Instagram page for her dog, Baby, when she was getting older and starting to do magic tricks. “Baby is a puppy who loves to play and gets angry when Cooper doesn’t want to. But it doesn’t last long because she has a light and responsive personality and acts like a child in everything she does.


Baby Cori is quickly becoming well-known on the internet because of how spontaneous she is and how much everyone loves her smile. As the owner continues to explain, Baby doesn’t get any special training beyond the basic commands, and she doesn’t do much training with the Corgi.


She adds to what she said by saying that no one makes Baby pose for pictures and that nothing is set up for their photo shoots. No matter what, Baby’s playful nature means she wants lots of attention and climbs right into the camera. She is becoming a star on her own.

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