Meet the great-eared nightjar, a bird that looks like a fluffy dragon.

I’ve always wished that at least some of the creatures in fairy tales were real. Luckily for me (and millions of fans of The Game of Thrones), the huge dragons from the stories aren’t real, but this tiny bird looks just like them. Meet the cutest dragon ever, the great-eared nightjar.

This cute bird looks like it came from a fairy tale, but it is as real as breathing. The great eared nightjar is very hard to catch because it has perfect camouflage that lets it blend in with the leaves of the tropical forests in South Asia, where it lives.


When you look at these small creatures, it’s hard to tell if they are birds or fluffy little dragons.

These beautiful birds only came out at night and used to build their nests on the ground. One reason could be that they blend in so well with the dry leaves, which helps them avoid being eaten. Most of the time, they only hatch one egg!


There are at least five different kinds of nightjars, but none of them are as unique as these little dragons. The male great-eared nightjar can weigh up to 4.6 oz, and the female can weigh up to 5.3 oz. They were first found in the tropical forests of the Philippines in the 1800s by the Irish zoologist Nicholas Aylward Vigors.

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