Meet the Korean couple, ages 61 and 56, who started working out together and proved that a healthy couple stays together.

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Many people have a general idea of what getting older looks like. We think of sagging skin, a weaker body, and lines as signs of getting older. But there is a Korean pair that goes against these negative ideas about getting old.

He is 61 years old and she is 56.

The couple from Seoul is known on Instagram as @okdong_fit. Most of the posts they make are about keeping fit and going about their daily lives. Most of the time, older people aren’t in this kind of material.

But even though they were 61 and 56 years old, this couple took on the task and began a fitness journey together. Now, they’re the most interesting and inspiring older people you’ll ever meet.

Grace, their daughter, told the story of her parents’ journey to get fit in a movie. Grace said that her dad was inspired by a common trend in South Korea, where people would work out for six months and post online about how their bodies changed.

What they did before they started to work out.

Grace says in an Instagram video that her mom was overweight and that her dad was very thin because he was an amateur kickboxer. Her mother started swimming a year after she had her son, and she swam for the next five years.
After stopping kickboxing, Grace’s dad started playing football every week, so he has always been busy. But this action hurt his knees so much that he couldn’t walk for more than 30 minutes at a time.

When he chose to follow this trend, his wife followed suit. Grace said that her folks have always worked together, and that was the same on this trip.

The couple started to work out and eat better, and after six months, they took new shots for their profiles. But even though they had reached their first goal, they chose to keep going and push themselves even more.

Aside from talking about how they work out, the older couple also shares news about their daily lives. They talk about going on dates, shopping for trendy sports wear, and even share their plans for losing weight. The two really do everything, and they do it with a lot of energy.

Most of the time, they go on dates to the gym.

@okdong_fit Our typical date spot #fyp #gymtok ♬ Beat Goes On – The All Seeing I

A lot of us wouldn’t even think of going to the gym on a date. They go to the gym together often, either in the evening or during the day.

@okdong_fitIt’s like checking pulse for me.

♬ so this is love – soft girl aesthetic

We wouldn’t expect the couple’s life to be like this at their age. They are just awesome, and they share their happy lives from many different points of view.

Their children are just as important to them as anything else.

The parents live a long way from their kids. Their oldest son and daughter live in the United States. But that doesn’t stop them from seeing each other.

The whole family takes a trip every summer and winter. Even though the trip is short, they value the time they get to spend together as a family more than anything else.

The Beatles wrote a song called “All you need is love.” But in real life, it’s disagreements, fights, and time alone that make relationships better and more interesting. When you and your partner fight for the first time, you might feel upset and start to doubt them. But psychologists say that getting through these hard times helps couples learn more about each other and, in the end, makes them stronger.

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