Meet the Strawberry Finch. It looks just like a flying strawberry

People say there are more than 50 billion birds in the world. Each of them is unique and stands out from other groups or species. Cathedral windows, bird versions of famous people, and fuzzy balls of fruit are some things that some birds have. Today we are meeting you Strawberry Finch

It looks like a strawberry! Some birds look like apples, bananas, and guavas, but what you’re about to see looks just like a cute little strawberry with its orange, red, and yellow hues. When you first see it, you’ll be amazed at how much its plumage looks like the fruit it looks like.

Meet the Strawberry Finch, also called the Red Munia or the Red Avadavat. It’s a small bird that likes to eat strawberry seeds. About the size of a sparrow, they belong to the Silverbill family.

However, they may not look very much like a strawberry. This only means it isn’t the breeding season, which is why. The males change from dull and brown to bright red with white dots that look like strawberry seeds on their bodies and wings to find a mate.

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