Meet Yazemeenah Rossi, the 67-year-old hailed as the “world’s most beautiful grandmother”

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You are currently viewing Meet Yazemeenah Rossi, the 67-year-old hailed as the “world’s most beautiful grandmother”

People who show that age is just a number inspire me a lot.

Seeing older people challenge the idea that age matters, whether they climb mountains, ride bikes, or play computer games, warms my heart.

People have been calling this woman “the world’s most beautiful grandmother” for years, which you might not find surprising when you see her. But she’s also a great example of how beauty doesn’t have to come with being young.

Yazemeenah Rossi was born in Corsica, France, on December 21, 1955. She has been on the covers of magazines all over the world. You might have even seen her in ads and liked her presence without stopping to think about who she was or how old she was.

She has also been an actor for a long time. She has been in movies like Timeless Beauty, Relevator, and The Grasslands.

Aspiring models often have to work for free or for a small fee at the start of their jobs in order to build up a portfolio. But Yazemeenah’s big break came relatively quickly, which was not the norm in the business.

The French model and actress didn’t start her job when she was young, like most models do. She was already over 30 when she started, which is when most models quit.

“Amazing things happen when women help each other” Yazemeenah Rossi, I love your big heart. I’m lucky to have so many #amazingwomen around me.

reveals her beauty’s secret

Already at that time, Yazemeenah was showing that you don’t have to be young to be a model, which is something she would keep showing for the next 30 years.

“When I was 20, I had two kids and worked from home. I made clothes, knitted, and did interior design for friends and private clients. I knew when I was a teenager that I would never work in an office or stay in the same place for the rest of my life, so even when I was raising my children, I was very busy and independent, she said in 2020.

Even though she has kept working as a model for all these years, she says that the business is still mostly for young people.

“A few years ago, I started to think that things would slowly start to change and we’d see more older models, but that didn’t happen. I do think that men and women worry about getting old in the same ways, even though men might talk about it less. No one likes it when their skin starts to sag. “At the same time, getting older is a beautiful thing because it makes you stronger,” Yazemeenah told Vice.

“Age is a state of mind for sure. If you stay in touch with your inner kid, you can get your energy back and keep it. “You have to have a spirit of playfulness, adventure, and curiosity,” she says, adding that there are no real “magic tricks” to stay young-looking.

Many people who look at this beautiful woman think that she has had surgery. Some people say that someone who is almost 70 years old can’t look so beautiful and young.

“So far, I haven’t had any plastic surgery. It doesn’t make much sense to me to go under the knife when I’m in good health.”

Over the years, the beautiful and timeless Yasmina Rossi has been praised for accepting and loving her look just the way it was.

“I use oil to moisturize my skin. I put oil made from rapeseed on my hair. She told The Potion Tree, “Once a week, I scrub my skin with olive oil and fine sugar, and I eat an avocado every day along with organic meat and fish.”

Yazemeenah will turn 68 in December 2023.

She told The Daily Mail, “I will model until the end of my life.” She also said, “But it’s not about modeling, it’s about witnessing beauty, energy makes us alive…”

Women in their later years should be proud of their bodies because each stage of life has its own beauty and meaning.

In the end, being proud of your body is a statement of your own worth, a protest against ageism, and a confirmation of the beauty that comes with getting older. It’s a celebration of the trip they’ve been on and the strength they have, and it encourages other people to love and appreciate their own bodies.

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