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Missing for months, a woman finds her elderly dog on Facebook.

This Florida woman found her 15-year-old lost dog. A Facebook post facilitated the surprise reunion. After nearly a year, the woman broke down when she saw a photo of her dog on Facebook.

On a wet October day in West Palm Beach, Lisa Raulerson mistakenly left a door open, allowing her dog Sparky to escape and vanish. Lisa was devastated, as she and her late husband had raised Sparky since he was a puppy.

Lisa looked for the senior dog for weeks with the help of her friends and neighbors. The woman assumed the dog had died.

Facebook/Sunshine State Westie Rescue

“We sought for him for a week or two,” Lisa told WPTV. “We assumed he had died. It was sad since we talked about him every day.”

Even though she swore she would never see Sparky again, Lisa was set to reconcile with her cherished furry buddy. The mother recently saw a photo of her Sparky on Facebook. She knew he was there, and her heart swelled.

“I feel whole,” she said. “I never thought I’d see him again. We need to talk.”

Sparky was found wandering the streets by animal control officers and taken to Sunshine State Westie Rescue. The puppy and her mom reunited a few days later!

Facebook/Sunshine State Westie Rescue

After Sparkly miraculously returned home, the shelter shared another tweet encouraging those who had lost their dogs to never give up. However, the crew wants to raise awareness about the significance of microchipping pets.

“Keep updating your posts about your lost dog and your shelter information,” the post says. “You simply never know. MOST IMPORTANTLY, microchip and register your pet’s chip! So that you can get your puppy back.”

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