Model With ‘World’s Biggest Cheeks’ Shows What She Looked Like As Natural 26-Year-Old

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Instagram / @justqueen88

She shows what she looked like before she got the “World’s Biggest Cheeks” title. 26 Years Old


The unique shape of Anastasiia Pokreshchuk’s cheekbones has earned her the nickname “world’s biggest cheeks.”
She did look very different at one point, though.

It is said that Anastasiia has the “world’s biggest cheeks,” but she used to have a more normal look.

Instagram / @justqueen88


It’s no secret that Anastasiia Pokreshchuk didn’t get her unique cheeks naturally.

She got this striking look with the help of fillers on her face.

That said, her face looked a lot more normal ten years ago.
At that time, the Ukrainian star wore naturally curly brown hair and didn’t put on much makeup.

Today, Anastasiia has many different features: her cheeks are more defined, and her lips are bigger.
She has also dyed her long hair blonde and puts on makeup to keep her face looking perfect.

She put up a picture of herself at age 26 and a more current picture of herself on Instagram.

Instagram / @justqueen88

“26 and 35—there is no hyaluronic acid in the first photo,” it said under the picture.

Over 16,600 people liked this post, and many commented on it, which shows that people have strong views about her change.

Some of her fans said they liked her more natural look from earlier, while others loved how beautiful she looks now.
“Why, why,” said one reviewer. I don’t get why you wanted to look this way; you were beautiful.

I’m sorry to say this, but the doctors or whoever decided to do this for you should have thought of a better way to help you. “Please stop before things get worse.”

“Why would you do this to your face?” asked another fan. That person said, “You used to be very beautiful.”

Some, though, spoke out in support of Anastasiia. One said, “I like both.” It’s hot now. Have fun!” Someone else said, “Nastya is beautiful now and then.”

Instagram / @justqueen88

Even though the reviews have been mixed, Anastasiia probably won’t care—she’s been using makeup to improve her looks for years.
She first tried face fillers when she was 26 years old.

The social media star first got Botox shot into her forehead and her lips were made fuller. Since then, she hasn’t kept track of how many treatments she’s had.

She has also had her teeth cut down so that she can get white veneers, and she’s not afraid to try new beauty treatments.

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