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More than 400 days have passed since a dog was brought to the shelter.

In January 2021, Jay’s family gave up on caring for him, so the RSPCA took him in. The people who worked at the shelter fell in love with him right away. He is always making people laugh with his silly personality. It was hard to find Jay a new forever home, which was sad. Mostly because of how he looked.


Jay has allergies, which is common for dogs like him. The owners have cut almost all of their hair off. He doesn’t look like any of the other fluffy dogs that were looking for a home. He has real love to give, and the people at the shelter hoped that his cute face would make someone fall in love with him.

Jay is a small dog, but his personality makes up for that. The staff thought that someone out there could look past the fact that he didn’t have any hair and see what he had to offer.


The 9-year-old puppy has been looking for a home for more than 400 days, but no one has come to see him. Even the people he lives with at the shelter still think that his forever family is out there.

Jay has some needs for his next home because of his health problems and other things. He needs a family that can keep him on a special diet and keep giving him his medicines. He would like to live in a home with only adults and no other pets, so he can always be the center of attention. He would also like a fenced-in yard, and he prefers hard floors to carpeted floors because dust mites make him sick.


The staff thinks that the cost of long-term care may be making people decide not to get it. But they won’t stop trying to help Jay. He has to work hard to look as good as he does. He deserved to be treated with a lot of respect.

There is still a perfect home out there for little Jay, and hopefully he will find it sooner rather than later.


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