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Most Gothic-looking birds on Earth are Dracula parrots.

Pesquet’s parrot, often known as the Dracula parrot, has been around for now. Clearly, this parrot isn’t your average one. Despite its appearance, it is not green in the slightest.

In Dracula parrots, most of them are black. They have short tails that can extend to about 50 centimeters. They weigh between 680 and 800 grams. Their black and grey chests, black beaks, and brilliant red feather strokes make them easy to spot. Dracula parrots can be identified by their male and female genders. Men and women are identical except that men have red patches behind their ears, which female don’t.

In New Guinea, the Dracula parrots are the only ones of their kind. Poachers in the area have targeted these gorgeous birds, a shame. In addition, their habitats are disappearing at an alarming rate. However, The Pesquet’s parrot population has been decimated by both of these factors. Dracula parrots are listed as Vulnerable on the IUCN Red List of Threatened Species.

#1. They are magnificent creatures. (Mike Peel)

#2. This is what they look like in flight. (Charles Davies)

#3. Look at their red feathers! (Greg Hume)

#4. Here are a couple of them. (Rudiger Stehn)

#5. Looks like they are in love. (Flickr)

#6. Such bright colors. (Flickr)

#7. Wish I could pet one. (Jean)

#8. In love with their feathers. (Linda De Volder)

Here is a video showing how they look like.

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