My Boyfriend ‘Forgets’ His Credit Card Every Time We Go Out To Eat, So I Have To Pay For Everyone

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You are currently viewing My Boyfriend ‘Forgets’ His Credit Card Every Time We Go Out To Eat, So I Have To Pay For Everyone

A woman had been seeing her boyfriend for a few months when she began to notice something about the places they ate. She got tired of the situation after a while and did what made her feel good.

A 32-year-old woman and her 39-year-old boyfriend, who had two young children, had been dating for nine months before they got into a huge fight over something he kept doing to her.

The woman then went on Reddit to see if her response to what happened was wrong. Internet users weighed in and told her what they thought of her boyfriend.

When the woman did what she did in front of her boyfriend’s kids, he told her she was selfish for not caring about them, which made her feel bad.

The woman said that once a week, her boyfriend’s kids went out to eat with them because they loved it. Every time they went out to eat, though, her boyfriend would “forget” his card at home.
The woman had to pay the bill every time her boyfriend forgot his card. She didn’t mind at first, but then she said she was broke because she had paid for dinner so many times in the past month.

After getting paid from her second part-time job, the woman and her boyfriend were going to dinner with his kids again one night. She texted him to tell him to bring his wallet because she knew he often “forgot” it. The text made her boyfriend laugh.

The woman said the food her boyfriend’s kids ordered, which were mostly new items on the menu, was pretty pricey when they got there.
The woman asked her boyfriend about his wallet before they started eating to make sure he remembered to bring it this time. When she asked what was going on, her boyfriend looked shocked and felt around in his pockets for the cash.

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