Norwegian sheep are born with corpse paint on their bodies, which makes them look scary.

Batman, Zorro and the rock band Kiss have all been compared to a lamb born with mask-like fur on its face. This lamb is so cute!

A baby sheep born with unusual facial markings has been given the name Batlamb because farm workers in Norway think he looks just like Batman, the comic book superhero who wears a cape and a mask.

When the adorable Old Norwegian Short Tail Landrace was born on Easter Monday, it had a unique superhero mask-like fur. It was born at Vitengarden, a Science Farm in the southwestern town of Naerbo.

The Vintergarden spokeswoman said that when Batlamb came into the world, “we saw right away how unique it was with two identical spots around its eyes.” “A picture was put on Facebook, and people started coming up with names for this lamb. There was no doubt that this lamb had to be called Batlamb because of the two same marks on its body.”

When Batlamb’s brother was born, he had to be named Robin after Batman’s sidekick. In the beginning, Batlamb kept close to his mother as most lambs do. He learned how to walk and get milk from his mother. People say Batlamb got to play with other lambs on the farm a few days after birth because of the sunny and warm weather.

As a superhero, he is getting used to having his picture taken and is shining in front of the camera lens. With his striking black and white markings, Batlamb could probably join Kiss. The American rock band is famous for their stage make-up, which Batlamb looks like. We hope he can sing.

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