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Octopus escapes from New Zealand aquarium

A cunning octopus escaped from the National Aquarium in New Zealand and is now free to roam the Pacific. When the aquarium personnel came to check on the octopus, they had no choice but to figure out its escape route.

Inky, a typical New Zealand octopus, took advantage of a minor crack in his water tank, then he apparently dislodged the lid and escaped. Once on the floor, he moved until he located a 6 inch diameter, 165 foot long drain hole. Inky, despite his size, squeezed through the pipe to the sea. The aquarium staff weren’t surprised when Inky ran away!


Inky the octopus at Napier’s National Aquarium.

New Zealand’s National Aquarium

A legendary octopus escape artist, says National Aquarium manager Rob Yarrall. Inky really tested the waters here. In fact, octopuses are solitary organisms. But he’s a curious kid. He’d like to know what’s going on outside. That’s his character. “

Inky earned his freedom after pulling off the unbelievable escape, so the aquarium won’t look for him. It was all in good fun. “He made it to one of the drain holes that run back to the ocean,” Yarral said. However, my colleagues and I were disappointed that he didn’t leave a message. But then, this is Inky, the surprise octopus. “

Inky the octopus at National Aquarium of New Zealand in Napier.Credit: National Aquarium of New Zealand

As previously stated, no one on the team believes Inky escaped because he was upset or unsettled. They claim curiosity drove him. If Inky decides to return, he will be warmly welcomed, they say. “This is normal octopus behavior,” said James Wood, a marine biologist. “Octopuses are fascinating, intelligent animals.”

Another octopus went viral a few years ago after escaping from a boat through a tiny hole. You may see it here:

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