On the “Deadpool 3” set, Ryan Reynolds got a sweet taste of home.

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You are currently viewing On the “Deadpool 3” set, Ryan Reynolds got a sweet taste of home.

Ryan Reynolds is shooting “Deadpool 3” in England while also being a father and a husband. The skilled actor was caught in a happy moment when his wife Blake Lively and their kids came to visit him on set. Reynolds showed off his ability to do many things at once while wearing his famous superhero costume and enjoying his role as a loving father.

In between catching precious moments with her kids James, Inez, and Betty, Lively cuddles up with her husband, Ryan Reynolds, who stars in the highly anticipated Marvel movie with Hugh Jackman.

One of Reynolds’ children loves a Wolverine action figure. This is where the heartwarming scene takes place.

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Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively’s children are very lucky to have Deadpool as their father. This makes their lives so much cooler, no question about it.

As if that wasn’t enough, they also got to spend time with the famous Hugh Jackman, who was perfectly dressed as the well-known comic book character Wolverine. When Ryan and Blake’s kids have such amazing experiences, they will remember them forever.

Family is the most important thing in our lives because it gives us a sense of belonging, love, and support that nothing else can match. They are the ones who stick with us through good times and bad, giving us comfort and direction when we need it. Family is important because it gives us an unbreakable bond that helps us grow, shapes our ideals, and, in the end, makes us healthier and happier as a whole.

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