On the same day, two eagle chicks hatched.

This is good news because two eggs hatched in Pittsburg on the same day. This is a good thing because the Bald Eagles are being kept safe. As soon as these two baby birds were born, the Audubon Society of Western Pennsylvania shared the news with the world!

In the beginning, the hatchlings have soft grayish fur on their bodies. Later, their bodies will turn black with a white head and tail. This is an interesting fact about these birds: if they are born early, the hatchlings will stay dark for about five years. For the parent birds, this helps them figure out which of their babies needs extra attention. More information and a picture are from the Audubon Society of Western Pennsylvania.

For both sport and to protect fish, people hunt the Bald Eagle. This means that the birds are in danger of becoming extinct. There are a lot of Eagle nests near bodies of water because these birds like to eat fish. They also hunt small animals.

We must always find a way to live together with nature, no matter how it interferes with our way of life. Let’s hope for the best for the two hatchlings and the one still in their nest.

More info & Photo courtesy: Audubon Society of Western Pennsylvania





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