Orangutans are amazing creatures. It manifests in their intelligence and human-like traits. They’re also empathetic and can help a human in trouble. One monkey proved this by aiding a stranger. Indonesian photographer Anil Prabhakar captures nature. In 2019, he was inspired by orangutans’ plight owing to habitat degradation and hunting.

Borneo Orangutan Survival Foundation reportedly gave him a tour. He sought to learn more and picture the species. On tour, Prabhakar saw a warden remove dangerous snakes from the area to protect the orangutans. But the man got trapped in the mud, and Prabhakar saw something amazing: an orangutan extended a hand to assist him.

Prabhakar took a photo of the amazing scene. He informed CNN that he witnessed an orangutan offer him his hand. “I never expected that… I just caught it. It was sad.” “I’m very glad that happened,” he said. Despite the orangutan’s friendly gesture, the stranded man refused help. The Dodo says it was his duty to protect the creatures and not damage them, and the orangutan’s tight grip may have caused more harm than good. “The warden left. “I subsequently inquired why, and he said it was a wild animal, not one we knew,” Prabhakar told Bored Panda. Prabhakar planned to capture this kind of shot on his expedition: one that inspires people to help an endangered animal.

He told The Dodo, “Every photo speaks for itself.” “I prefer portraying emotions I can relate to.” Many feel that the snapshot indicates orangutans are just as loving and sympathetic as people, if not more so. The photographer captioned his Instagram snap, “When humankind fades, animals guide us back to our essentials.” Jamartin Sihite, CEO of the BOSF, told The Jakarta Post he’s satisfied with the picture’s reception. “This photo makes us ponder if wild animals are gentler to humans than we are.


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