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Orangutans Make a Cute Relationship at the Zoo.

Here’s a unique and lovable new relationship formed at the Pairi Daiza Zoo. I bet that No one can divide this friendship.

In the animal world, there are many relationships between species, which are cute and constantly adorable. Nonetheless, this unusual friendship between an orangutan and otters has caught the hearts.

Employees at the Pairi Daiza Zoo had placed the otters in a river that remained in the orangutans’ habitat. CNN reports that the otters and an orangutan soon after this were seen together. The most enchanting bond between both types was produced and has grown ever since.

There’s no requirement to claim anything, as these images speak a thousand words. This significant relationship needs to lead the orangutans to play hide and see for their environment with the otters.

In an interview, one of the zookeepers, Mathieu, states that “Otters hide under big tree trunks or wooden buildings, then Berani, the baby orangutan, comes searching for them. From time to time, they come out to tease him. It’s really amazing to see.”

In conclusion the talk, he specifies that “Our gorillas live together with colobus apes, our penguins live with seals, our kangaroos share a place with pelicans, we have squirrels that cope with bats, pygmy hippos with pelicans, giraffes with ostriches, Eastern elephants with Asiatic gazelles, zebras with buffalo, and so on.”

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