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Owl hatch chicks outside man’s window

A lucky man from Geel, Belgium, got to watch his favorite TV shows with three huge owlets. The baby owls hatched right outside the man’s window, where their parents chose to establish their nest.

Jos Baart chose to investigate movement outside his third-floor apartment window. On the window sill were a clump of leaves and wings. Instead of pigeons, Jos discovered Eurasian Eagle Owls, the largest owl species on Earth, establishing their nest there.

Jos was overjoyed when the big birds hatched three gorgeous chicks. He enjoys his new neighbors and is thrilled to be able to watch them grow up right before his eyes.

Twitter/Jos Baart

“It was fantastic. “Wonderful to witness owls that are so unusual that you can say it’s once in a lifetime,” he told Carol Off on As It Happens. “I’m beside the window. I see them. You may look at it all day.”

But recently, he realized the owlets were fascinated by his TV. Every time he watches TV, the baby owls join him through the window.

Twitter/Jos Baart

“They observe the movements while the TV is on,” Jos remarked. “They sit for a half hour or more in front of the window to watch TV.”

While the chicks seem friendly and like Jos’ company, their mother does not. She just flies away whenever she sees him. But the man is aware of this and is trying to remain silent.

Twitter/Jos Baart

“I walk in the room around five a.m., and when I see her in the plant box, I move very gently to indicate I don’t disturb her,” he explained. “At night, she [flies] away to obtain nourishment. And Daddy feeds us at night.”

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