You are currently viewing Panda’s “nanny” tries to rake the leaves, but the cubs have other ideas.

Panda’s “nanny” tries to rake the leaves, but the cubs have other ideas.

They are just as mischievous as cute, and the video below shows this better than any other. There were some dry leaves in the panda enclosure, and this zookeeper thought it would be fun to rake them up. The energetic cubs want to have fun, which made her think twice about the task at first. The result is a video that went viral and warmed the hearts of many people.

Tourists who saw the panda enclosure at the Chengdu Research Base of Giant Panda Breeding in China’s south-western Sichuan Province took a picture of the keeper, Mei, who is also known as “panda nanny.” She is trying to sweep up leaves in one panda enclosure. As soon as the nanny arrived, she was attacked by the playful giant furry balls. It should have been the easiest and sweetest job in the world.

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There’s no way the poor woman can finish her task. The naughty cubs have one goal: chaos and they do a great job. The nanny doesn’t show it, but she looks angrier than ever as two pandas work together to empty a basket full of leaves.

The video ends with a tired Mei finally being able to chase away the cute pandas and get out of their enclosure. Work is done for now.

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Shortly after, a cute puppy video came out on the internet, and about 30 million people fell in love with it. “She might both love and hate her job,” someone said. While another person said, “I think it’s hilarious that they move so slowly, but the chaos they make happens so quickly.” It’s like having to babysit a bunch of drunk kids.

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The video, “Where there are pandas, there are problems.” Look around:

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