Paris Jackson Explains Why She Identifies as a Black Woman

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Paris Jackson talks about why she thinks of herself as a black woman.

In an open and honest chat, Paris Jackson, the late Michael Jackson’s daughter, talked about being a black woman. Her father was a world sensation and an icon in the music business. Paris, on the other hand, has been finding her own way, which includes accepting her race. A lot of people are upset about her saying she is biracial and especially black, even though she looks completely white.

Understanding Paris Jackson’s Search for Herself

Paris talked about her experiences and how she sees herself in terms of race during the chat. Because she comes from a mixed background, she knew that many people might question her decision to identify as black. Many people know that her father, Michael Jackson, is African-American, even though he has looked like a white guy for most of his career. In an appearance with Oprah in the 1990s, he said that vitiligo was the cause of his change in skin colour. His skin turned from dark to light because of this.

Paris talked about her childhood and how her father always told her and her brothers to be proud of their heritage. She thought about how many claims have been made that Michael Jackson isn’t really her true father. Many people say these things, but the truth has not been proven. But they haven’t shown that they’re wrong either. Paris says that her father often told her and her brother that they were African-American.

“He would look me in the eyes, point his finger at me, and say, ‘You’re black.'” “Be proud of where you come from,” she said. “I thought, ‘Hey, he’s my dad, why would he lie to me?'” I trust what he told me. Because he has never lied to me that I know of.

What People on the Internet Thought

As Paris Jackson’s interview got a lot of attention, people on the internet had a lot of different responses. Some people praised her for accepting her black identity with all her heart. They both decided that even though she looks white, she is technically biracial if Michael Jackson is her biological father. A lot of people also told stories about friends or family members who had children with a mixed-race partner. The baby was born white and blonde, just like the white parent, with no darker skin or hair at all.

However, some people were sceptical and asked if she was real, mostly because she looked white and had lighter skin. This response started a bigger conversation about the problems biracial people who look white face have compared to mixed people who look more black.

Paris Jackson is not black, and neither are Halsey or Lucy Halsey. if that man in black was her real father or just her dad.” @Janetscoop sent a tweet.

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Wendy Williams, a famous TV host, joined the chat. She talked about how a person who passes as white might have a black parent, but they won’t really have the same problems. It’s not about race, but about how dark the skin looks.

“I get that she thinks of herself as black and all that, but I’m just talking about how she looks because, you know…” You don’t call yourself black; the police see you as black when they have a gun to your head on the highway. That’s what they see. She said, “That’s cute and good for her.”

The Difficulties White-Presenting Biracial People Face

People who present as white, like Paris Jackson, often have special problems with their racial identity. Many biracial people have trouble figuring out who they are and whether they “fit in” with one group or another. However, they don’t always face the same level of societal oppression and danger as fully black people or biracial people who present as black.

It’s not easy to talk about colorism and race passing. People who present as white get some benefits and privileges in society because they can easily navigate places that are mostly white. On the other hand, they might feel separate or have trouble fully connecting with their black identity.

In order to respect and recognise that everyone’s experience is different, it is important to understand how race affects other parts of a person’s identity, like gender, class, and society. Still, it’s important for people who pass as biracial to know and accept that they will never experience widespread racism like people of colour do.

People who are white or present themselves as white need to learn more.

The honest interview with Paris Jackson showed how complicated racial identity is and how personal events can change how someone sees themselves. Her journey shows us that identity is complex and is shaped by both family history and personal events.

However, it also showed how little white people understand about the real problems that people of colour face every day. No matter what your background is, if you are white, you will not have the same life situations as people of colour. You will not experience any kind of racism, whether it’s overt or subtle. People won’t make you dress a certain way to avoid looking “scary” to them, and you won’t be afraid of the cops as much. People who are biracial but pass as white can talk about their roots and races, but they should also be aware of the advantages they have over people of colour. It will be easier to make general changes for the better now that this is known.

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