People are amazed to see how lovingly orphaned gorillas hug their caretakers.

This is the amazing moment when rescued gorillas hug their best friend.

The mountain gorillas who had lost their parents could not hide how much they liked their caretaker, Andre Bauma.

Male Matabishi, females Ndakasi and Ndeze, and male Matabishi cuddled him. He even climbed on his back to give him a piggyback ride.

After rebels killed their parents, they were raised at the Senkwekwe Centre in Virunga National Park in the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

And 41-year-old photographer James Gifford was amazed by how well the keeper got along with his charges.Villagers look for a crocodile that is said to be 29 feet long and eat people.

From Botswana, South Africa, James said, “This was the first time I can remember being so amazed and moved by what I saw. I had to put down my camera to focus on how Andre interacted with the mountain gorillas.”

“In 2007, rebels killed nine critically endangered mountain gorillas, leaving the two female babies without parents. Andre took care of the young gorillas until they were old enough to live independently.

“Andre spent time grooming the gorillas and talking to them. Their relationship was very physical.

“At one point, Andre was given a hug by one of the gorillas.

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