People are making fun of this man online because they think he is not “big enough” for his wife.

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In the world of love, there is no one way to find the right person. The idea of beauty is very personal, and real love does not require that you follow social rules. The amazing story of Matt and Brittany is a great example of this point of view. This is because they have shown that real love goes beyond shallow things and requires accepting each other for who they are, no matter what.

Brittany has always had to work hard to be accepted.

Brittany Jacques, a 23-year-old woman, had been on a long, hard journey to find love and acceptance her whole life. Unfortunately, her trip had been full of disappointments and heartaches that left her feeling down. Her past relationships with controlling people had broken her spirit and left her without hope or confidence, especially about how she looked.

Brittany decided to stop putting herself down because her ex-boyfriends gave her mixed messages. They either told her to change her body or told her to use her curves as an object. She had the guts to decide that she did not want to be open to love at all.

But she did not know it; fate had set her on a different road. Sometimes, the world brings people together in strange and unexpected ways, and Brittany was about to experience this fascinating phenomenon for herself.

It was not easy for them to run into each other.

In August 2020, just as Jacques was about to give up hope in her search for love, fate brought her together with Matt Montgomery through the social media site Facebook. Even though Jacques was a plus-size woman and Montgomery was thin, they had instant energy when they met.

When Jacques thinks back on those early days, he says, “I was a little unsure at first. I have been in situations where the other person made it clear that the relationship would end if I did not go on a diet or try to lose weight. These things did hurt my self-confidence, which is why I started working out and trying to change my size.

Even though people were always saying bad things about them, they kept looking for love and started to believe that their lives were meant to be together. On January 30, 2022, Montgomery got down on one knee and asked Jacques to marry him, making their plans for the future even stronger. As Jacques and Montgomery told the world about their heartfelt love story, internet trolls started making hurtful comments and making unfair judgments about them.

Montgomery talked about the sad things that happened to him, like how his masculinity and looks were judged unfairly. “People feel the need to comment on Instagram, saying that I am not big enough for her or that I am not good enough,” he said. He also said that he noticed people staring at them as they walked down the street, which was something they had grown used to.

Their love transcended all forms of criticism or preconceived notions.

Even though they had to deal with hurtful comments and an unsettling environment, the pair stayed strong in their resolve to ignore the critics and stay together. They made a serious promise to each other, showing again and again that love has no size or shape limits. Also, Matt knew Brittany was his kindred spirit because he had had bad situations with thin women in the past.

From the moment they met, Matt was drawn to Jacques’s attitude toward his body and his constant love for himself. Instead of trying to get her to change how she looked, he only cared about making her happy. Brittany put her feelings into words beautifully in an Instagram post. She wrote, “You deserve unlimited love every day and beyond. The deep link we have, how we see each other, and how we feel about each other are undeniable proof that our lives are tied together.

Jacques and Montgomery are very proud of their relationship that goes against social rules, especially the fact that they are of different weights, and they want to be an inspiration to others in similar situations. Jacques said that she wished with all her heart that mixed-weight relationships were more common and accepted as the standard in society.

They are sure that love does not have any limits and that people of all shapes, sizes, and backgrounds can find deep happiness in each other’s company. They are sure that real love is worth a lot and should not be judged or made to feel bad because of how it looks. Instead, they work to promote and celebrate love, seeing it as the force that makes the world a better place because of its natural beauty and splendor.

But these two are not the only ones who have been called out for liking each other. And the size does not seem to be the only thing that makes people angry online. But sometimes it is clear that two people are meant to be together by the way they look at each other.

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