People at a school know they are being watched.

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A small bird that lived in a campus tree at Trident Technical College in South Carolina noticed that students and workers were always coming and going. It is possible that this is why, when he had a problem recently, he seemed to know exactly where to go to get help.

In late March 2023, the staff at Trident Technical College was going about their work when they suddenly realized they were being watched.

As they got close to the door of a building, they noticed a pair of big, intense eyes staring at them. Soon, they figured out that the eyes belonged to a baby owl who seemed to be in trouble. In an interview, a representative of Trident Technical College said that the bird had fallen out of its nest. It seemed to be asking for help because it could not get back to its nest on its own.

A staff member was able to get the owl out of trouble by wrapping it in a jacket. After that, he was taken to the Center for Birds of Prey, where animal experts checked him out. He would not be staying there for a long time, though. After a full checkup showed that the bird was in good health, the authorities decided he should go home. In this case, it was the tree from which he fell.

“He was sent back to campus so he could be with his family again,” a spokesperson said. “Volunteers watched him for the first week to make sure everything was going well.”

Some people may not think it is important that a single bird is safe, but the recovery and retraining of this owl have won over the hearts of both students and staff at the college. “Everyone on campus is in love with the owlet,” a spokesperson said.

Preview photo credit Trident Technical College / Facebook

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