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People at Tampa International Airport were surprised when this service dog greeted them.

This makes service animals even more special than the rest. They serve us in a very unique way! There is nothing better than seeing a dog that has been taught how to be a helper! Tampa International Airport saw this and called the police. Many people were looking at the service dog as it passed through the security gate on a busy day.

There was a once-in-a-lifetime moment for everyone who saw the dog lay down and start whimpering.

The dog suddenly looked like she couldn’t walk anymore, but it wasn’t because she was sick. She was pregnant! It turns out that Eleanor Rigby, a beautiful Lab, was pregnant when her owner was about to get on the plane and take off. He should give birth in a few days. That didn’t happen when Diane Van Atter waited to get on the plane at the airport gate. Her dog was giving birth!

A bad situation forced them to do what they had to do, but they didn’t have a choice. It worked out: They lied to Eleanor and let nature run its own show. No one could pass by in the terminal without hearing her whimpers as she gave birth. Finally, it was a really cute moment. Even in an airport! Her partner, olden Nugget, was also with the family when they went.

Eleanor, who was two years old, was giving them a free lesson in the miracles of life. With her seven cute puppies coming out right after each other, it was a lot of fun to watch! There were six girls and one boy born to the Tampa fire department. They were all healthy. In fact, some of them even live-tweeted from the plane.

A reward was given to the rescue crew for their work. All the puppies were named after them. You can see their names now! When her friend Larry Glanton saw the last two girls, he said that the paramedic’s name was Natalie and the number two was Larry.

Even though the happy family missed their flight, they still made it back to Philadelphia in time.

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