People Give Tattooed Woman a Reality Check as She Has Trouble Finding a Job

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Photo Credit: Ash Putnum | Instagram

People Tell a Tattooed Woman the Truth When She Can’t Find a Job

Getting a tattoo is like putting art on your body. Some people choose fun or unusual pieces, while others choose something more creative or important. Some choose pieces that are culturally significant. In any case, they are a personal choice that seems to last a lifetime. One woman says that her tattoo is the reason she’s having trouble finding work. Then she went on TikTok to talk about her problems and ask an important question.

Photo Credit: Ashxobrien | TikTok

Nearly 100,000 people follow Ash O’Brien on TikTok, where she shows off her love for “All things spooky,” Juicy Couture, and Hello Kitty. There are tattoos all over her body, and she recently used her platform to talk about how frustrating it is to be young and looking for work. She sent in an application for a job at T.J. Maxx and got a “automated email” turning her down. She went to the store to get feedback because she thought she had been turned down because of her tattoos. “Well, I went in today and asked myself, ‘Why didn’t I get the job?'” “Oh, you just don’t have enough experience,” she told him. “I saw people who had more experience than you,” she said in the video.

Looking for Clarity

She wasn’t sure, so she kept pushing the hire manager. “I asked her if it was my tattoos that made her feel that way.” “It’s clear that a lot of places don’t like tattoos,” Ash says. “She said that wasn’t the reason.” Though I don’t think that’s true, it’s okay. “That’s it for now.” Some viewers said they have tattoos all over their bodies and haven’t had any trouble getting work. This supported the idea that it was because she didn’t have enough experience, not because of the tattoos on her face and body.

Photo Credit: Ash Putnum | Instagram

Negation That Makes You Think

Tattoos at work have always been a touchy subject, but Ash brings up a bigger problem. “I just want to know how teens and young adults who have never had a job before are supposed to get one,” Ash asked. “How are they going to get a job if these places only hire people with experience?” “It does not make sense to me at all.” She also said: When it comes to getting a job, I hate that my tattoos are such a big deal. There’s no reason for me not to be a good worker just because I have tattoos.

The video was based on the idea that she can’t find work because of her tattoos, but her problems have made her think more deeply about things. “These places say they’re hiring, but I don’t think they really are.” Because I go to all of these places and see signs that say “Hiring Now,” but those have been up for months. She told me. “I really wish the best of luck to anyone younger and without experience who is looking for a job right now. It’s very tough out here.”

Photo Credit: @ashxobrien | TikTok


People argue about face tattoos.

It wasn’t a surprise that a lot of people agreed with her that her tattoos might have something to do with it. “Perhaps it was the evil spider or the goat with the pentagram,” one person said. At the same time, someone else said, “HR supervisor here.” No business would put you in front of people like T.J. Maxx would. Someone who used to work at T.J. Maxx also spoke out. I used to work at T.J. Maxx, and they hire almost anyone off the street. It’s the people with tattoos and piercings that get hired. They said.

“There’s a reason why tattoo artists call face tattoos career-enders,” said someone else. Lastly, an artist made a comment that agreed with what other watchers had said. “Tattoo artist here. Most likely, it’s the tattoos. They said.

One watcher even asked her about her husband and whether he has tattoos, which I thought was funny.

Tattoo rules can be different.

Another person, on the other hand, says they have a lot of tattoos but has never had any trouble getting a job. This supports the idea that tattoos, especially on the face and neck, make it very hard to get hire. But the environment should be thought about more than whether or not tattoos are against business policy. For instance, places that have a casual or laid-back vibe might let people with some face or neck tattoos work there, especially if they won’t be interacting with customers directly. Some examples are answering the phone or emails, putting things on or taking things off of the back shelves, and loading or removing materials or goods.

Also, it might be easier to find work in smaller businesses or companies because the owners of those companies are more likely to be flexible with their hiring policies compared to those of bigger companies. “If you are tattooed and looking for work, you should think about the work culture of the places you are applying ahead of time.” A famous job board says, “If you are smart about where you apply, your body art will probably not be a problem as long as you follow the company’s rules.”

The Same Lessons

Ash isn’t the only one who has problems with her scars. Earlier this month, a father from Australia went popular for changing his body and getting painful laser treatments to get rid of his face tattoos. His daughter is the good reason he is getting rid of the tattoos on his face. While he takes his daughter to school, he is afraid that it will hurt her image.

Even though people have different opinions about tattoos, one thing is clear. In a business setting, it’s best not to have scars on your face, neck, or hands. And a place where someone wants to be taken seriously or looked up to. Also, keep in mind that getting a tattoo on your wrist might not be a good idea if you live somewhere hot, since long sleeves can make you sweaty and uncomfortable.

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