People on boats found an exhausted puppy swimming alone in the middle of the ocean. They were able to get the puppy to safety.

This group of friends was on a boat off the coast of Florida when they saw something that was a little out of the ordinary. In the middle of the ocean, there was a dog swimming alone. Surprised at first, the boaters rushed to save the dog. The moment was caught on camera and shared on the internet!

Bryn Crowell was having a good time on a boat with some of her friends when they saw the distressed dog swimming for his life. They thought at first that it was some kind of sea creature. When they got closer, they just realized that it was a dog. I think it was when one of the guys jumped into the water and saved the dog.


When they took the dog on the boat, they saw that he had a collar around his neck. They thought someone had thrown him in the water, or that he had gotten lost. The kind boaters were willing to give up their trip and look after the dog’s owner no matter what.

When Zuko was found, his owners were very happy to see him again. There was a phone number on the dog’s collar that the rescuers just called. They learned that a family was desperate to find their dog.


A poor Russell Terrier is in trouble, so these boaters jump into the water to help him get out.

When we found him, we called the number on his tag, walked 20 minutes to the next inlet, and gave him back. The owners were so happy that he was safe that they gave them $300 for gas to get there and as a thank you. TikTok user @bryncrowell later explained that. 100% of the time, it was not staged. We are happy that we saw him and were able to save him.

People who own Zuko were so happy to be reunited with their beloved pet. They said they would be more careful next time. It turns out that they were on their boat when the Terrier jumped into the water and looked around. That didn’t stop him from swimming away from his parents’ boat, though, because he was afraid.

Before we knew he was gone, “We all looked through the boat, thinking he was hiding somewhere with his bones. After that, “We tried to figure out how to get back to where we started, but we couldn’t.”

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