People said Hilary Swank was “irresponsible” for having children at the age of 48, but her reasons speak to our hearts.

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You are currently viewing People said Hilary Swank was “irresponsible” for having children at the age of 48, but her reasons speak to our hearts.

Hilary Swank had her first child in April 2023, when she was 48 years old. She’d been honest about putting off having kids for years, but now she’s finally living out her dream of being a mum. In our society, it’s not a good thing to be an old mother, and Hilary couldn’t get away from that label either.

Hilary was thrilled to tell everyone that she was pregnant.

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By the time Hilary Swank was 48, it seemed like she had everything: a great starring career that had won her two Oscars and a loving husband of four years. But something was still missing. Hilary and her husband Philip didn’t have any children yet. They had no idea that two little bundles of joy were on their way.

Swank told everyone in October 2022 that she was going to be a mum. She was so happy that she said, “What a gift! It’s a surprise in every way. It’s unbelievable.” In April 2023, the popular actress finally got to hold her twins, adding “mom” to her long list of accomplishments.

Some people online don’t agree with her choice to have twins when she’s almost 50.

Hilary Swank had her two children when she was 48 years old. Even though 23 is the average age for a woman to have a child, there are plenty of cases of older mothers who are just as good at being parents. Unfortunately, someone who didn’t like Hilary’s good news went to her Instagram page and said what they thought.

“It is very reckless to have children at such an old age just to satisfy a selfish need for children. When your children are in their 20s, both of their parents will be dead or in a nursing home.” Instagram: felinememecollector

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“Congratulations!! When I was 45, I had my only girl, my fifth child. She was born on the day I turned 45. Now that she is 18, we have a great relationship. I’m glad I had a baby later in life. You and your family are in my prayers!” — brenlitzo11 / Instagram

“Congratulations!!!! I’m 47 years old and seven months pregnant with my second daughter. She was conceived naturally, and she’s due 20 days before I turn 48. I feel great. Blessings.” — patriciamariadelacerdapicco / Instagram
She picked the right time to do it.

Hilary has always known that she would become a mother, but she wanted to wait until the right time in her life. In 2009, she said, “When the time is right, I’ll know [I’m ready to have children]. I know that I’ll be 35 next week. But I also know that the right time has to come.”

Hilary also said that taking care of everyone else instead of herself made her feel overwhelmed: “My habit is that I’ve taken care of everyone. I cared for my mom, I cared for my dad, and I cared for Chad. And I don’t want to keep carrying it. It’s hard to break, but I gave up a part of myself in the end.” Having kids would have made her even less likely to think about herself.

We think that once Swank married Philip Schneider, she knew she had finally found a person with whom she could see herself starting a family. And we’re so glad that everything worked out so well for them. And talking about famous women who have kids later in life, Naomi Campbell just announced that she’s having her second child at age 53. We hope that both Hilary and Naomi are happy and lucky with their new babies.

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