Photographer Captures A Bird Hitching A Ride On An Osprey’s Stick

ocelyn Anderson is a digital photographer. He has been photographing birds for over 5 years now to learn and find even more about them.

Eventually, she was out and about taking images of some Wonderful Blue Heron nestlings. When she saw an amazing experience happening right before her eyes, that is.

A red-winged blackbird used a stick that an osprey was taking back to its nest as a ride!

The good news is, she was able to record it on cam.

She uploaded the pictures online, as well as, unsurprisingly, it went viral.

” The osprey adjusted its training course, so it was flying in the direction of me, and I could see that the osprey was carrying a stick for its nest,” Anderson says to My Modern Met.

” The blackbird continued its chasing, as well as at one factor it looked like the blackbird was going for a ride on the stick. I was stunned that the blackbird adhered to the osprey halfway across the pond; I like to think the blackbird was enjoying the free ride.”

Image Credit & More Info; Jocelyn Anderson/Instagram | facebook |

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