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Pink Dolphin and Pink Baby Calf Seen in Louisiana River (video)

Pink dolphins may appear to be a myth, but they are really real, and some even reside in the USA!

Locals and visitors alike enjoy the Calcasieu River. Lake Charles locals are already familiar with this region. The region is home to various dolphins, but one lucky group of boaters encountered the rarest of them all. Pink dolphins are real and stunning.

Pinky, the dolphin, is named after the cartoon character. These sightings have attracted visitors to the Calcasieu Ship Channel for years. And now it’s time for the rest of the world to discover them. We adore this little dolphin. This dolphin has been around since 2007, according to local mythology.

A local charter boat captain, Erik Rue He reported the initial sighting. He said the dolphin would swim within ten feet of his boat. He photographed Pinky while she was swimming with the pod. Of course, most people think pink dolphins are female. But this logic isn’t foolproof. Nobody knows for sure, but Erik is confident. He says he saw her during mating season, and that’s all he needed. He took photos throughout mating season. “I know I’m the first to photograph her,” Erik admits. We believe him because he was the first to see her.

Of course, now people wonder if she’s had any more pink dolphins. Bridget Boudreaux and her husband claimed to have seen two pink dolphins two years ago. They couldn’t capture a video of them both together. She gave the local news the video she got. Watch the video below to discover more about Pinky and the other pink dolphins that may or may not be located here. This phenomenon has a scientific explanation. Some biologists think these dolphins are albinos. The cellular structure of these dolphins presumably causes their coloring. If you don’t mind, we’ll keep assuming they’re amazing.

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