Pitbull was found covered in toxic green paint, chemical burns — rescue gives her a second chance

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The pit bull was found with chemical burns and poisonous green paint on her. Rescue gives her a second chance.

It’s really sad how some people treat animals. Someone was unkind to animals when they covered a sweet dog named Clover in poisonous green paint, which burned her skin badly.

The story had a very happy finish when people came to help her.

In May 2022, a pit bull was found covered in poisonous green paint. Love Leo Rescue, a rescue group based in Santa Monica, California, got a call from 911 about the dog.

At the time, they wrote, “We have no idea why someone would do this to her or what the injuries are.” “We know she needed our help right away, and she needed it today.”

The dog, who was now called Clover, was taken to the North Valley Veterinary Center. There, she was given two medicated baths to get rid of the green paint, and the vets found that she had serious chemical burns on her skin.

Her wounds were so bad that she had to stay in the hospital for a few weeks. But after some time, she got better, and her “true colors”—her natural gray fur and loving personality—began to show. A foster family from Love Leo Rescue took her in and helped her keep getting better.

“We had no idea the damage that lay beneath when we first found her, covered in green paint,” the rescue wrote. “But she stuck with it like a true pit bull and never complained.” She is now a happy, sweet little girl who loves to play with her foster friends, go on hikes, and tuck herself into bed.

As soon as she was better, she was put up for adoption. She did finally find a home, but it took a long time.

Because of what happened to her in the past, she was naturally scared of people and needed a family that would work with her to get over her fears. Some of the adoptions didn’t work out because not everyone was a good fit.

That is, until June 2023, when the rescue finally shared the good news that Clover had been accepted! A couple named Eric and Aubrey took Clover in. They were kind and patient with the dog’s fears.

Love Leo Rescue wrote, “They were patient and kind with her when she had accidents in the house.” “They planned and thought out how to show her new places and people.” It paid off all that love and hard work. This wonderful dog has now found her place in the world.

The rescue shared another update this month, saying that Clover had to have surgery to fix both of her torn ACLs, which cost $5,000 each. Fans of Love Leo Rescue are being asked to give $5 to help pay for things.

Even though Clover’s health took a turn for the worse, she is still doing well. Her parents say she is “living her best life” and working hard to overcome her fear-based problems.

Nobody could have been so mean to this cute dog as to paint her with poisonous green paint. We’re so glad she got better and now has a loving family!

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