Playing in the water is what the elephant wants to do every time it breaks sprinklers.

For this elephant, dancing in the rain is what makes her happy. Since it doesn’t rain every day, she made her own fountain. Faa Sai keeps breaking the water pipe, even though it’s a pain for the staff. She does this so she can do what she loves the most!

Footage from the Elephant Nature Park in the Thai city of Chiang Mai shows how quickly Faa Sai adapts to her new life at the park. But it’s not the rest of the herd or the caring staff that makes her feel better. It’s the broken sprinkler. She doesn’t care about the rest of the herd or the staff.

Faa Sai, like any other elephant, likes to play in the water. There was not enough water pressure in the sprinklers for her to splash around for a long time. So she broke the pipe and got her own fountain. Elephants have a bad habit of breaking these pipes. So now the staff doesn’t even bother to fix them. After all, the goal of this place is to make the elephants feel comfortable and happy, and it looks like Faa Sai is even happier than before!

That wasn’t always the case.For the young woman, it was hard because she had been chained to a chair for most of her life. But now, all of that has come to an end, and she is happy living at the sanctuary.

Watch Faa Sai play in the water here!

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