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Police shut down a busy highway to save a scared, lost dog.

When we need help, people who have vowed to protect us are always there. But it looks like our brave officers aren’t just helping humans. They’re also helping other animals. There were two officers who came to the aid of the dog when she was in a very dangerous situation.

It was a concerned citizen who called the police about a dog that was running around on a busy stretch of Massachusetts highway. Troopers Malachy Higgins and Dana Atkinson have been sent to the scene. Police officers tried to get the dog to safety, but when they tried to get her, she ran back into the traffic, putting her life at risk. The dog was a German Shepherd. They realized that they had to act quickly to save the dog, who was afraid.


In a post on Facebook, the Massachusetts State Police said that “the dog was walking in and out of traffic in all three lanes.” “Troopers Malachy Higgins and Dana Atkinson came and found the dog and tried to get her off the road and onto an off-ramp.”

Massachusetts State Police troopers worked with police from Methuen and the state’s transportation department to save a dog that had been hit by a car on a highway. In this way, they were able to stop all of the traffic and then find the lost dog.

Dog: “The dog climbed into the driver’s seat and sat in front of the wheel,” police said. The text says, “Trooper Higgins got into the cruiser and asked the tired dog to move over to the passenger seat.”

Massachusetts State Police

There was still a lot of work to be done by the officers. Soon after they found the dog, named Lexi, they went to bring her back to her worried owner. As a dog owner himself, Officer Higgins was happy to see Lexi back in the arms of her owner.

Higgins: “I’m a dog owner myself, so I know how it would feel if my dog was lost.” Also: “I have a wife and a 1-year-old.” “I know how heartbreaking it would be for them if we had to say goodbye to him.”

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