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Pool repairman saves drowning squirrel

A few seconds could mean the difference between life and death for a innocent little creature. A drowning squirrel was saved by a quick-thinking guy.

Rick Gruber, a pool repairman from Phoenix, Arizona, had a routine day at work. But little did he know that his swift decision would mean the world to someone. Rick was about to start work when he heard splashing from the pool. The man investigated and found a little squirrel fighting to escape the collection.

YouTube/The Dodo

“I came here to put in a pool heater,” Rick recalls. “I was gazing at the equipment when I heard splashing in the water. Then I watched this small guy battling to breathe.”

YouTube/The Dodo

Rick felt he had to act quickly to save the baby’s life. So he took the unconscious squirrel from the water and began CPR. However, the man realized he had to be cautious. So he avoided using his mouth for fear of being bitten or infected by the small animal.

YouTube/The Dodo

Rick’s efforts paid off as the tiny squirrel began to breathe again after a few moments. He spent an hour with the tiny creature until it felt strong enough to return to the wild. “I’d do CPR for anyone. “A rodent, a dog, a cat, anything,” he told the press.

To help him breathe, he pushed on his belly and chest. “He moved after a compression. Then I started recording…”

See the rescue here!

YouTube/The Dodo

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