Prince George spotted for first time amid Kate Middleton’s cancer diagnosis – and everyone is saying the same thing

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You are currently viewing Prince George spotted for first time amid Kate Middleton’s cancer diagnosis – and everyone is saying the same thing
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Prince George was seen for the first time while Kate Middleton was being treated for cancer, and everyone is saying the same thing.

It was a huge surprise when Kate Middleton was told she had cancer. In the March 22 film she released, she talked about how doctors found cancer after tests were done after her planned surgery on her abdomen.

“As you might guess, this has taken a while. I had to wait a while to start my treatment after having big surgery. The most important thing is that it took time to explain everything to George, Charlotte, and Louis in a way that was right for them and reassure them that I would be okay, Kate said in the tape.

The kids were supposedly told about their mom’s diagnosis in February, and Kate’s video wasn’t made by accident at that time. Experts think the family picked Friday at 6 p.m. because that’s when their kids’ school was out for the day, so their friends wouldn’t be asking them about it right away.

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“This is all too much for George to handle now that he is ten,” a court source told the Times.”He won’t be able to avoid it once it’s at the school gate and on the playground.”

For example, Grant Harrold, who used to work for King Charles, says that Kate and William told each of their children about her cancer in a different way. He thinks that the couple lied to Prince Louis about her health problems when they told him the truth.

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Grant Harrold told the New York Post, “I’m sure it was a very hard and very different conversation between kids.””For example, I trust the conversation with Louis was kinder than the one with George and Charlotte.”

“The older kids can understand more, so I’d guess it was a little more honest, but they were definitely staying positive, which is so important,” the former butler said.

“That’s why the picture of Kate with her three kids makes you cry now.” Having that talk with her kids is a big deal for any mom, and you can tell Charlotte and George will be there for her.

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He also said Louis is too young to understand what’s wrong with her mom.


“This is a tough one. His words to the New York Post: “I’m sure the kids will handle it like any other kid would, but I think their parents are very good at staying calm, and I think that will rub off on the kids.”

The kids spent Easter break with their parents at Anmer Hall on the Sandringham Estate, where they played and hunted for eggs.

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Bev Turned, host of GB News, said that Easter was a great time to talk about what was going on. As rumours spread, she said that Kate “wanted to tell her children in her own time” and that the princess “didn’t want to be pushed into it.”

It’s been two or three weeks since they had to work, so Turned said, “She can talk to them and keep them close.”

Now that the holiday is over, the family is probably stressed because the kids have to go back to school and their classmates might ask them about their mom’s.

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Royal experts think that Prince George might be under the most stress.

In a piece for, Daniela Elser said, “George may have a staff of bodyguards who probably know 17 ways to kill someone with just their bare hands, but even they can’t protect the boy from kids talking and tattletales.”

Everyone in Lambrook seems to have rallied around the family and will continue to do so. But there are limits, and kids are kids, even ones who start their day with boiled quails eggs and celery salt. What are George, Charlotte, and Louis going to do when they have to go back to school and everyone knows their mom is sick?

“The good news is that William, Kate, and their three children have another blessed week of peace and quiet and more nature than you could shake an old mahogany stick at before this all comes crashing down on them, and George realizes he lost his Latin primer,” Elser said.

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After a while, the young prince was seen out in public with his dad at a football game. In the Europa Conference League, Aston Villa played Lille of France, and the father and son went to watch and cheer for their favourite team.

The fact that Aston Villa won 2-1 made it clear that the dad and son had a great time.

…” “Wow. There were two future kings having a great time without any stupid fuss or security that I can see. In an X post, someone said, “Prince William and Prince George are the cutest father and son pair.”

“Just normal dad and son stuff of two humble future Kings,” said someone else.

Someone else wrote, “Love this.” William is a great dad. “Love this family!” said one royal fan about how grown up George looked. “Prince George is getting so big so fast!”

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“I love that Prince William is still trying to keep things as normal as possible by doing the things he normally does with his family.” Father goal,” and “Prince William and Prince George having fun at Villa Park and getting closer because they both love football.” What other people said was “a true testament to Prince William’s commitment to being a hands-on dad.”

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Everyone can agree that William is a great dad.

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