Puppy runs away from home and rings the doorbell to get back inside.

Love: Our dogs do all kinds of funny things, and we can’t be mad at them no matter what! However, there are times when they don’t show up at all, which makes our heart race. So with a broken heart, the only thing we can do is look for our snatched dog. I don’t want to feel that way again.

On the other hand, some dogs have a guilty conscience and try to make things right away. If you want to know more about this adorable puppy, Marshall, you should read about him. At some point, this curious little guy wanted to see the neighborhood, so he broke out of his home in Spokane, Washington.

However, he soon realized that living outside without his owner is very dull. If no one sends you after sticks, what else can you do? There was no way for the dog to get back in because the front door was locked. As it turns out, the doorbell might be his best friend. There was a good thing for us because the home security camera caught the whole thing. It’s not going to get any cuter. Take a look at this adorable video below!

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