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Rainbow-colored Hummingbird Wings

Many of us miss out on most of the lovely things. Many of us do not have time to glance around our gardens, but if you carefully observe your surroundings, you will be blessed to see many beautiful things that are Mother Nature’s presents.

Christian Spencer has always admired nature. He adored wilted leaves, blooming flowers, and crashing. He became a photographer to capture the beauty he sees and share it with others.

On his verandah in Rio de Janeiro, he saw a Jacobian hummingbird. The sun shining through the bird’s wings created a prism-like look. The colors flew through the bird’s wings, leaving Christian speechless! He immediately decided to capture this magnificent sight, which you can see by scrolling down.

Spencer captured the bird’s motions in 2011 for The Dance of Time. Since then, the films have won 10 international awards, including three for best film. But there would be more rainbow hummingbirds. Spencer revisited it years later. To picture the same phenomena generated by bird wings, he told My Modern Met. With his latest project, Winged Prism, Spencer hopes to disclose “a secret of nature that cannot be perceived with human eyes.”

Spencer says he didn’t utilize any computer tools to make the series. He stated that light diffraction through the wings of these colorful birds is all it takes.

“Nobody could have imagined this was genuine. Every day, I receive emails from people impacted by these images.”

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