Randy Travis’ stunning performance 3 years after his stroke

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You are currently viewing Randy Travis’ stunning performance 3 years after his stroke
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Randy Travis’s amazing show three years after his stroke

One of the few voices that really gives me chills is Randy Travis’.

He had a stroke many years ago, which was sad, but that didn’t stop him from singing “Amazing Grace” beautifully in honour of George Jones, another country music star.

While performing at the Grand Ole Opry, the famous singer paid tribute to the late George Jones while being lit up in blue and purple.

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Travis’s friends, including Alan Jackson, Vince Gill, and Travis Tritt, joined him.

Travis’s wife, Mary, has talked about her husband’s tough stroke and how helpful loyal fans have been during this time.

In July 2013, Randy Travis was rushed to a hospital in Dallas because his viral cardiomyopathy was getting worse. He had a stroke, had surgery on his brain, and then fell into a sleep. Doctors told the country and gospel music star that he had a very small chance of living. He had only a 1% or 2% chance of life.

Because of this, there wasn’t much point in continuing to try to keep him alive.



Mary Davis Travis, his wife, could have turned off the life support and let her husband fall asleep. The doctors asked her the question straight out. What did she wish to do?
But she decided to not follow any of the rules. She didn’t do what most people do and listen to doctors; she chose to do something totally different.

The doctors may have said he had only a 1% to 2% chance of living, but Mary knew her husband was strong. For her, there was no way to turn off the respirators.

“I prayed hard, ‘God, please let me have him back, any way, shape or form,'” May told USA Today.

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Randy was in a coma and stuck in a bed of wires, but Mary never thought about turning off his machines, even though her husband was basically just skin and bones.
That is, until the miracle happened one day. Randy got up.

“We’re lucky. We’re pleased with our situation. We don’t know what God has planned for us after we get better. She said, “Right now, we’re just thankful to be where we are and singing a different song.” “We’ll serve a purpose anywhere there is a purpose for us to serve.” He would love to be back on that stage someday, of course. We’re just loving life right now and feel very lucky to be where we are.

After his stroke, Randy has had to use a walker to get around. He is getting better, though, and can now walk short distances on his own. He also learned to play music, and he still loves and is good at it.

In 2016, he was admitted into the Country Music Hall of Fame. He went on to learn how to walk again.
“Everyone who knows Randy knows what a crazy life he’s had.” “He’s had good and bad times in his life,” his wife says.

The performance below shows that Travis, who is still having trouble with aphasia, has been working hard and praying to get back to the level of ability he had before.
If you watch Travis’s show, let us know what you think about his comeback.


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