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Rescued pitbull meets a giant rabbit, and now they can’t live without each other.

Sometimes, dogs and rabbits do not get along very well at all. As for men’s best friend, impossible is nothing. All of this has made us very happy. We’ve seen many lovely stories about dogs comforting or showing kindness to other animals. People are still amazed by how amazing dogs are, and this story is just one more example of that.

People in Erie, Pennsylvania, Mindy Hayes, and their pets have always been good to each other. Even pit bulls were fighting in the streets that she saved a few years ago. They have been living together ever since. But last year, Mindy also decided to adopt a rabbit, even though she didn’t know how Grace, her 2-year-old dog, would react to it.

When Mindy spoke to The Dodo, she said that Grace had a very rough start in life. Then she was tied to a tree before she was found. This is why she decided to start with Sophie, the big bunny. But what the woman didn’t know was that her dog’s kindness was boundless, and she quickly made friends with the family’s newest member of the family.

Mindy said: “It was like we were meant to be together.” “They sniffed each other and then grew from there.” To know where she came from and to see her be so loving to everyone, even a rabbit, is a great way to show people what dogs are really like. They aren’t very bad dogs. It’s her goal to become friends with everyone she meets.

For the last two years, they can’t seem to get away from each other. This isn’t the first time animals have shown that they love and care for each other. She said, “I can’t keep them apart. I don’t know how.” Grace always follows Sophie, lying on the couch with her and licking her head. Grace would bathe Sophie until she was soaked to the bone if I let her do it.

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