Researchers say that the “alien” mummies found at Názca in Peru could have come from the same place as ET.

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You are currently viewing Researchers say that the “alien” mummies found at Názca in Peru could have come from the same place as ET.

Researchers say that the bodies of mummies found in a tomb in the Peruvian town of Nazca are “different” and are often called “aliens” by UFO fans.

The supposed UFO hearing held by the Mexican Congress on September 12, 2023, brought the Peruvian mummies back into the public eye. The bodies of “non-human” animals that weren’t known to be aliens were shown on camera at the hearing.

The “alien” bodies of Nazca are not dead people.

The Russian scientists who found the ‘alien’ mummy with three fingers in a Peruvian tomb said that the unnamed creature looks human but is not.

Researchers from St. Petersburg made the shocking find in 2017. After looking at the bodies of the mummies, they came to the conclusion that they have a “different anatomical structure than humans.”

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Professor Konstantin Korotkov of the Russian National Research University told the Sputnik news agency, according to the Evening Standard: “The tissue has a biological nature, and their chemical composition shows that they are people.” Just like us, they have 23 pairs of chromosomes in their DNA.

“They are all men, and each has a Y-chromosome. They look like people, but they are not. “Their bodies are built differently,” he said.


Several dead Peruvians were found in a tomb.

Some of the six mummies that the scientists found in a tomb in the southern Peruvian city have been given names. One of them is named Maria, and a nine-month-old child named Vavita was found with her.

Along with Maria and Vavita, four other male bodies were also found. Each of the Peruvian bodies had two arms, two legs, a head, a pair of eyes, and a mouth, just like a normal person.

Dr. Konstantin said that Maria’s rib was an odd shape because it was round and had some bones that were half circles. At the back, her head got longer.

The scientist also said, “Maria and Vavita could have been members of a certain race that may have been much more advanced than we were.” Maybe a few thousand years ago.”

The report also says that the Russian professor said the numbers “could have come from another planet,” which was criticised by other researchers.

The finding was called a “fraud” by the World Congress on Mummy Studies.

The World Congress on Mummy Studies is said to have called Dr. Konstantin’s research a “fraud.” The author of the UFO Investigations Manual said that the new information suggests that Maria was a person, which is different from what the researchers said.

He said, “Those who are “scientifically” looking at the mummies seem to think they are aliens from the past, but they just want to believe.”

“If you think about it, how could aliens who look like people but have three long fingers live? He also said, “They would be very clumsy, and I doubt they could even make a cup of tea, let alone a flying saucer.”

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