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Goose runs after an alligator to protect her babies

.They chased the gator down a golf course with angry geese. This kind of thing can only happen in Florida, though. The scene happened at the PGA National in Palm Beach Gardens, and the people who saw it were shocked. Fortunately, the funny moment was caught on camera.

Screenshot via YouTube

When an alligator came into the field during a golf course, the golfers couldn’t help but watch from their cars. Because of the reptiles, geese became very angry and tried to chase them down. She’s the mother, and she’s brave enough to get just inches away from the gator’s tail, with her seven chicks right behind.

Screenshot via YouTube

However, the reptile doesn’t seem to mind the geese at all. It is slowly walking to the other side of the field, but it doesn’t even look back.

Screenshot via YouTube

One of the golfers at Christie’s Critters Invitational, Ryan Witkowski took a picture of the chase, which looked like it was going at a very slow pace. The video was less than a minute long had about half a million views on YouTube alone.

Watch the video of the hilarious chase below!

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