Sanctuary for Unwanted Animals has shared photos of two scarce cats with rusty spots and two adorable cubs.

A rusty-spotted cat is the smallest kind of cat on Earth, and it is also the world’s smallest cat. These tiny wild cats only grow to be 35–48 cm long, but their cuteness is impossible to measure.

This week, they were taken in by Porfell Wildlife Park and Sanctuary in Cornwall, England. They were so cute that they had to show everyone. They got a lot of attention because people couldn’t get enough of how cute these cats were. They recently shared photos of some very rare cats that came to them for help.

Sanctuary: The sanctuary took in two rusty-spotted cats who are both grown and have two cute cubs as a family. The new caregivers say that these babies are only 8 weeks old. They want to explore their new surroundings, and mom is always there to watch them.

Rusty-spotted cats are a rare species that only live in India and Sri Lanka. When these two cubs were born, they were part of the Rusty-Spotted Cat Conservation Breeding Program, which was set up to save the species.

To tell people about its new guests because it is closed to the public because of a coronavirus lockdown. Porfell Wildlife Park and Sanctuary, like many businesses and animal care groups, is having trouble making money because of the pandemic. To help out the park during these challenging times, people can donate to its GoFundMe campaign! In this case, the source is Boredpanda. Images are from Cornwall’s Park and Sanctuary.

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