Science says that 43-year-old Kelly Brook has the best body ever.

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Move over, supermodels! It’s time to celebrate the real meaning of perfection, which is the beautiful Kelly Brook and her full, curvy body. Say goodbye to beauty standards that are too strict and hello to a new age of body positivity. Kelly shows that curves aren’t just pretty; they’re stunning. So let her show you that beauty comes in many different forms.

The “ideal” body for a woman changes all the time.

From Marilyn Monroe’s timeless beauty to the skinny look made famous by models like Kate Moss, beauty standards have always changed. The idea of the “perfect body” and ideas about what is beautiful change all the time. For a long time, everyone from Elizabeth Taylor to Kim Kardashian thought that the best shape for a woman was a curvy hourglass with measurements of 36-24-36 in.

New studies show Kelly is perfect from a scientific point of view.

But later studies have questioned the idea that the hourglass shape is the best. Instead, researchers at Texas University have found that the ideal woman has a bigger, more curvy body. The perfect body has a BMI of 18.85, a bust of 93 cm, a waist of 61 cm, and hips of 87 cm. Another study found that the ratio of the hips to the waist is important, with 65–.75 being the best range.

Kelly Brook, a British actress and model, has a BMI of 18.5 and body measurements that are close to these perfect ones. Men also thought that the distance between her hips and waist was just right.
This means that her body is the right size and shape, even though people today might call it “a little bit plump.”

The best body in the world right now

At the end of the day, it has always been hard to find the perfect female form. Scientific research, societal factors, shifting fashion trends, and cultural ideals of what a good body shape is all have an impact on what we might consider to be “ideal.” And it’s clear right away that beauty is a complicated and personal thing that can mean different things to different people.

This new idea that a slightly bigger body is better than others shows how important it is to accept differences and know that beauty doesn’t come in one shape. No matter how big or small a body is, it has its own beauty and story that should be shown off.

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