Sedona’s Secret End of the World Trail: A Hidden Gem in Arizona

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Nestled deep within Arizona’s Coconino National Forest, the Secret End of the World Trail awaits adventurous souls seeking awe-inspiring vistas. This hidden gem offers a view that rivals even the Grand Canyon. Buckle up for an off-road journey, a steep but rewarding hike, and a glimpse into a dreamlike world.

Trail Overview

  • Location: Coconino National Forest, near Sedona, Arizona.
  • Access: Not your typical hiking trail; it’s a very long backroads drive followed by a quick, steep, and somewhat unstable walk to the viewing points.
  • View: As you approach the trail, the sky opens up beyond the treeline. The ground drops below you, revealing an endless canyon stretching all the way back to Sedona’s Northern Rim. Gravity-defying rock formations cling to the cliff’s edges, creating a surreal landscape.
edge of the world flagstaff sunsetCredits –Edge of the World, Flagstaff: The Jenga Rocks near Sedona – (

Getting There

  1. Off-Road Adventure: Brace yourself for a 90-minute bumpy, slow, off-road drive. The rugged terrain adds to the thrill.
  2. Coordinates: Armed with the right coordinates, you’ll find the End of the World. It’s like discovering a secret portal to another dimension.
  3. Vehicle Requirements:
    • 4-wheel drive: Essential for navigating the rough roads.
    • Dry Weather: Avoid rainy or snowy days; the area becomes treacherous.
    • Google Maps: Download a map; cell service is scarce.
edge of the world sedonaCredits –Edge of the World, Flagstaff: The Jenga Rocks near Sedona – (

The Experience

  • Solitude: In this remote forest, you’ll likely encounter only a handful of other vehicles. It’s as if you’ve stepped into a parallel universe.
  • Rock Climbers’ Paradise: Local climbers love this spot. While it’s possible to climb the tower, it’s not for the faint of heart. Real rock climbing experience or proper safety gear is a must.
  • Choose Your Adventure:
    • Top of the Rim: Enjoy breathtaking views without the risk. The steep walk to the rim is worth every step.
    • Climb the Tower: If you’re an experienced climber, go for it! But be cautious; it’s not an easy feat.
    • Bottom Rocks: Reach the base of the tower for a closer look. Agility and climbing skills required.

Safety Tips

  • Drive with Caution: Off-road driving demands skill. A Jeep or truck is ideal, but our Volvo SUV managed.
  • Weather Awareness: Avoid snow or rain; roads can become impassable.
  • Self-Reliance: You’re off the grid; be prepared and self-sufficient.

Now, fellow adventurers, go forth and explore this mystical trail. Remember, it’s not just a hike—it’s an unforgettable journey to the edge of the world! 🌟

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